• Kilauea volcano captured on time-lapse
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    Kilauea volcano captured on time-lapse

    As lava continues to spew from Kilauea in Hawaii, the glow of the volcano over the course of a night was caught in a time-lapse video. A Gemini Observatory camera situated above the clouds on Mauna Kea in Hawaii captured the images showing “the glow from an extensive region of fissures,” during the night between Monday and Tuesday, according to a news release from the observatory. The time-lapse shows a number of fissures spewing lava near Leilani Estates on the Big Island of Hawaii, the observatory said, adding that “lava also flowed into the ocean during” the time period. The observatory said its camera points towards Hilo but the town is mostly…

  • National parks have fallen into disrepair
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    National parks have fallen into disrepair

    U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reiterated his support for addressing a maintenance backlog at national parks during a visit Tuesday to the one named for a U.S. president known for championing conservation. Zinke toured the Peaceful Valley Ranch at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a former dude ranch that is on the National Register of Historic Places but in disrepair and in the middle of a $4.3-million rehabilitation project. Zinke said it exemplified the types of projects needed at parks nationwide. “We want to make sure that we focus on rebuilding our parks,” Zinke said. “The president is a builder. He loves the idea of rebuilding.” The Interior Department is trying…

  • Radical Pelosi Agenda
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    Radical Pelosi Agenda

    President Trump urged pro-life supporters to keep control of Congress in the hands of Republicans this November by voting “for life.” Speaking at the Susan B. Anthony List’s annual “Campaign for Life Gala” on Tuesday night, the president slammed Democrats and pushed for continued GOP control, adding that “Democrats like to campaign as moderates at election time but when they go to Washington they always vote for the radical (Nancy) Pelosi agenda down the line.” The comments followed an initiative announced last week by the Trump administration geared toward resurrecting a rule banning federally funded family-planning clinics from discussing abortion with patients. Trump noted his push during the 2016 presidential campaign to…

  • Eagle snatches fox holding rabbit in mouth
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    Eagle snatches fox holding rabbit in mouth

    Videos and photos captured a bald eagle attempting to snatch a rabbit from a young red fox as they battled it out 20 feet in the air in what a photographer called a “dramatic act of thievery.” The dramatic sight at San Juan Island National Historic Park, in Washington State, was caught by photographers Kevin Ebi, of LivingWilderness.com, and Zachary Hartje. Ebi wrote in a blogpost on Monday he was at the park a few days ago watching the young red foxes, called kits, hunt just before sunset. Photographer Kevin Ebi captured the dramatic and rare encounter on San Juan Island.  (Kevin Ebi/LivingWilderness.com) One of the kits caught a rabbit and…

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    Shipwreck with $17B worth of treasure found

    An autonomous vehicle was used in 2015 to locate a Spanish galleon that sunk 300 years ago off the coast of Colombia with $17 billion in treasure, the research team that helped in the discovery said on Monday. The San Jose, which was considered the “holy grail of shipwrecks,” was located with the help of an underwater autonomous vehicle operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The institution said it was holding the discovery under wraps out of respect for the Colombian government. REMUS 6000 being deployed off the Colombian Navy research ship ARC Malpelo.  (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) The treasure—which includes of gold, silver and emeralds– has been the subject…

  • What Mueller Will Do Next
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    What Mueller Will Do Next

    As a former prosecutor, here’s where I think the special counsel is headed. Robert Mueller’s investigation is now 1 year old. Watching the slow reveal of witnesses, search warrants and subpoenas, the president’s supporters and his opponents may despair that it will never come to an end. But buckle your seat belts and grab the oxygen masks. It’s about to get interesting. From my vantage point as a former federal prosecutor, Senate Judiciary aide and White House lawyer, the special counsel’s path forward seems very clear—almost inevitable. With the caveat that the future is of course uncertain, here are three predictions for the dramatic weeks ahead: Mueller will likely wrap…

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    First baby born in 12 years

    Births are banned on the remote island and the mother says she did not know she was pregnant. A remote Brazilian island with a ban on childbirth is nonetheless celebrating the first baby born there in 12 years. Fernando de Noronha island, 370km (230 miles) from the city of Natal, has about 3,000 residents but no maternity wards. Expectant mothers are requested to travel to the mainland. A woman who does not want to be named had a baby girl on Saturday on the island – she says she was unaware she was pregnant and is “dumbstruck”. Surprise birth The woman is believed to be aged 22. “On Friday night…