The world has already seen ‘fire and fury’ – The Washington Post

It’s a pity that survivors of the 1945 A-bomb attack on Hiroshima can’t share their memories with Trump.

Hearing President Trump threaten North Korea with “fire and fury” took me back some 23 years to an August morning at the Funairi Mutsumi Nursing Home in Hiroshima. There I sat across from 85-year-old Shima Sonoda, a frail woman whose words were carefully measured and whose emotions had long been contained. She was one of that ever-shrinking number of hibakusha — survivors of the A-bomb.

On that morning she told me of another August morning — that of Aug. 6, 1945— when the bomb detonated overhead, and her city, her home and nearly everyone she knew were incinerated. Somehow she survived, though buried under rubble.

In the moments after the blast she pawed through the debris that had been her home, searching for her 4-year-old daughter, Akiko Osato. There was nothing to be found of her, she told me — not then, not ever. Minutes before, her daughter had been in her arms asking for a can of tangerines that had been set aside as an emergency ration. But Sonoda had denied her daughter the tangerines, lest conditions — already dire — should worsen.

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