More free cultural attractions in the City of Light.

Debbi Kickham’s “The City of Light for Less” [Nov. 26] was extremely helpful. I’d like to add to her list of Paris deals. In my “Paris Made Easy” guide, I feature some of the best free museums and sights in Paris.

The Museé Cognacq-Jay ( in the Marais is in an elegant mansion and houses a collection of 18th century art and furniture.

At the nearby Museé Carnavalet (, currently closed for renovations), you’ll find antiques, portraits and artifacts dating to the late 1700s. Its section on the French Revolution with guillotines is especially interesting.

On the edge of the beautiful Parc Monceau is the Museé Cernuschi, (, which is home to an incredible collection of Asian art.

Entrance is free to most of the churches in Paris, including Notre-Dame( Many of the museums in Paris are free (and crowded) the first Sunday of the month, including the Museé and the Louvre ( At night, you can walk along the Seine River and take in the elegantly illuminated sights and enjoy the stunning beauty of this amazing city. And the view is free.

Andy Herbach

Author, “Paris Made Easy”

Palm Springs

Faux ecotourism?

If my subscription is funding one sip of Margo’s Pfeiff’s Fiji Bitter, I want to cancel it after 15 years [“Part of a Fiji Family,” Dec. 3]. Please let me know.

Her faux ecotourism at $3,000 a night is repulsive and unattainable for 99% of the planet, and I’m a fortunate traveler.

I can only hope that I don’t end up at the same hotel.

Rolf Schottle

San Diego

Key border tip

Re: “How to Get Through Faster,” On the Spot, by Catharine Hamm, Dec. 3: Last time, we waited for more than five hours in the regular border crossing lanes from Tijuana to the U.S. Major warning: No restrooms for relief from those drinks and eats that are sold on the Mexican side of the border.

Really put me off about traveling south by car again.

Paul Brown

Santa Ana

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