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Fox News Admin’s Pick: This $200 million super yacht was modeled after a pirate ship from the 1600s

Fox News USA NEWS HEADLINESThis one-of-a-kind design could be yours

Why sail the seas on any ordinary boat when you could soon set out on a luxury super yacht inspired by a pirate ship from the 1600s, complete with helipad, swimming pool and garage?

The 200-foot vessel called Caronte was designed by Italian company Lazzarini Design Studio, whose motto is “Think about the future, never forget the past.”

The yacht is equipped to accommodate up to 12 families and features a swimming pool and lounge area with sunbeds on the main deck, plus a gym, garage and bar area.

The command cabin is located on the upper structure of the boat, just like in old pirate ships, which is where the captain’s room and balcony can be found.

The Caronte hasn’t been built yet, as the company will hold off construction until someone is interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind yacht.

It would cost around $200 million to construct and would take around two to three years for completion, according to a spokesperson for Lazzarini.

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