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Alexis Ren defends risqué bikini pics

It’s my body

It’s not unusual for people to share revealing pictures of themselves on social media. However, one Instagram star received heavy criticism for a sexy bikini shot from her recent vacation, so she decided to fire back at her haters with a message about self-love.

Maxim cover model Alexis Ren is well-known for posting barely clothed photos of herself for her 10 million Instagram followers. But one of her latest pics caused quite an uproar.

After sharing a photo of her tanned body in a barely-there red bikini, Ren received a wave of backlash for showing off her body. Reactions included comments like, “Put on some clothes,” “Put on a shirt,” “Eat,” and “Too skinny.”

wanna be your vision

Een bericht gedeeld door Alexis Ren (@alexisren) op

While Ren is probably all too familiar with people criticizing her posts, the model decided she’d had enough. So she took to Twitter to address some of the comments.

Back in April, Ren confessed on Twitter that she was in a “toxic state of mind” and had been dealing with an eating disorder since the death of her mother.

bein extra

Een bericht gedeeld door Alexis Ren (@alexisren) op

“I’ve gone through a lot as far as health,” she explained to Fox News. “I overworked myself to a point of malnourishment. I’m stronger, happier, and healthier than I’ve ever been… In the last six months I’ve opened up to my followers about my struggles in my day-to-day. I think being vulnerable to other humans is a form of strength.”

Michelle Gant of Fox News contributed to this report.

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